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I am a person who likes reading. Sometimes I feel I don't have much time to, but when I do, I could really use a good book. Any suggestions, let me know. As I go through books I can try to update my review on it.


Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

The best book I have ever read!! It is unbelievable how good this book is. Even if someone doesn't like sci-fi all that much, it still is great!! Ender is the smartest kid ever which makes it so interesting to read about, his siblings are more relatable than him, but what Ender does throughout the book keeps readers wondering, and intrigued that a kid can make very intellectual decisions. It is exciting! I did not find a dull moment in this book. I loved Ender as a character, I loved the battles against the different armies in battle school. I even loved the ending that I will not reveal for those who have not read it. If you liked The Hunger Games, this is almost like it, but better. Young children are chosen to go to battle school based on their age, intellectual capabilities, and their personality. Foreign aliens, "buggers" are set to attack Earth. It's up to the chosen commander to destroy the bugger race once and for all. Battle School trained young kids to be commanders. So instead of kids killing each other, they are still competing to be commanding the army that destroys the aliens.